quick Tip Tuesday
 Here is this Tuesday Quick Tips, part of the School SLP’s Tuesday Linky Party (Thanks Kim Jarvis). Be sure to click on the button above to find more amazing quick ideas!
I use a sticker incentive chart for good behavior and the kids love it. I use the Whole Brain Teaching Rules, which are amazing!  I got this free download at TPT. So basically if they follow the rules during their session, they get a sticker for the chart. For every five stickers they get a prize and they get really motivated by this.  Lately, my prizes have been getting a little boring; the kids can only get so excited about pencils or erasers. But, I don’t like to spend much on the prizes because I have a BIG caseload (usually 60-80 students, K-8). My awesome niece and Saturday assistant Liz, found 2 packages of Angry Bird puzzle erasers at the dollar store and the were a HIT!
We will keep searching dollar stores for them but in the meantime I found some online at good old Amazon. For your convenience here is a link: Angry Birds Puzzle Erasers.
Since I am addicted to Amazon Prime, there was no shipping and I got these within a few days. They come 3 to a package, but I am taking them out of the packets and putting them in the prize jar. That way each prize is under 50 cents a piece. Magic!
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