I love technology and social media: catching up with friends on facebook, instagram photos, Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, and shopping online! I love pizza too-doesn’t mean I can eat it every day without getting some unwanted results! Everything in moderation, my dad used to say.

Last week, after listening to Brendon Burchard’s podcast “How to Unplug”; I decided to take the 30 day challenge. Nothing digital for the first hour that I’m awake; that’s my hour for me. And nothing digital for the last hour before bed (that was more difficult). A study proved that people who checked their email first thing in the morning were 30% less productive over a week’s time. That’s because you become scattered; suddenly you’re thinking about what other people want you to do. You lose focus of YOUR priorities for the day.


                So how’s my challenge going? Now, in the morning I journal, plan my day, and sometimes go for a quick walk. At night, for that last hour, I give my busy mind some to decompress. I am reading a book; a paper one, with a cover and pages I can turn. I am feeling calmer and more centered. I have more time to talk to my hubby.


                I still have my technology fix during the day and I still love it. But as my dad also used to say, “There’s a time and a place for everything”. (Smart man, my Dad).

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