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I’m Anne. A heart-centered SLP (speech language pathologist), educator and creator dedicated to helping you take the fear out of AAC. This website is devoted to sharing ideas, tips and resources that will help you not only SLP Like a Boss, but AAC like a Boss too. We’ll put the fun back in functional communication for the kids you work with (and for you too).


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Building Language Supports Using Low-Tech AAC

Building Language Supports Using Low-Tech AAC

I'm still riding high from SLP Summit earlier this month. In case you missed it, my presentation was titled "Building Language supports through AAC". I co-presented with Brian Whitmer from Coughdrop AAC. He handled high-tech while I spoke about low-tech AAC.[spacer...

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A Roadmap out of AAC Overwhelm

The other day someone asked me how I got into AAC. I have to say, I didn't always love it like I do now. It was more like a love/hate relationship. Love the possibilities, hate the reality. Okay not hate, that's harsh. Either way, AAC has always fascinated me. But I...

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Stellar Lessons from One Year of Meditation

This May I hit the one year mark for meditation. That means I actually showed up every day for ten minutes for me. That’s kind of monumental. I think I was able to do it because ten minutes isn’t a huge time commitment. Really it’s ten minutes less social media scroll...

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AAC Academy – a New Way to Support AAC

Where did you learn about AAC? Hopefully, if you are a recent SLP graduate you took an AAC class as part of your master's degree program. But what if you graduated a while ago? Or what if you find yourself suddenly needing to know more? AAC Academy is a new way to...

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Feel Confident with Expert AAC Strategies

Want solid AAC and Assistive Technology ideas and tips for school speech therapy? Watch this engaging interview with AT Specialist Chris Bugaj.  We talk about the importance of presuming potential, core vocabulary, motor planning, aided language stimulation and AAC in...

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Hey there I’m Anne Page. I help heart centered SLPs and educators put the fun in functional communication.



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