ASHA – Certified Maintenance Hours


Are you a Certified SLP with the American Speech-Language_Hearing Association (ASHA)?

To maintain your ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC), one of the requirements is the completion of 30 Certification Maintenance Hours (CMHs) of professional development during each 3-year certification maintenance interval.

ASHA states the professional development activities should be activities that are within the Scope of Practice in Speech-Language Pathology and be related to any area of clinical practice. Activities are generally accepted if you determine they contribute to your professional development and will lead to acquiring and enhancing skills and knowledge required for independent practice. You can read examples of these on the ASHA website.

ASHA Clinical Certification Standards define professional development as an instructional activity:

  • where the certificate holder is the learner;
  • that is related to the science or contemporary practice of speech-language pathology, audiology, or the speech/language/hearing sciences;
  • that results in the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, or the enhancement of current knowledge and skills necessary for independent practice in any practice setting and area of practice;
  • where the certificate holder is responsible for determining that the professional development activity is appropriate, relevant, and meaningful to any practice setting and area of practice;
  • in which the certificate holder’s attendance can be documented by a third party such as an employer, educational institution, or sponsoring organization.

How Beautiful Speech Life provides CMHs

AAC Academy Jump Start provides 3 hours of CMHs. When you log into the course, it will track your completion of the modules. Once all modules have been completed then I will email you a certification as evidence you’ve completed the course.

You’ll need to retain this certification as your record of completing the CMHs. You’ll be required to provide this certificate to ASHA if you’re audited. 

State or Other Licensing

The rules vary from state to state, so please check them out before you rely on professional development provided by Beautiful Speech Life to meet those requirements. If you’ve got a specific question about AAC Academy Jump Start please email me at [email protected] and we can look together at whether either of these meet your specific requirements.