Did you catch my “Putting the Fun in Functional Communication” presentation last week on SLP Summit? I hope so. I really enjoyed the interaction but to be honest it was really hard to talk and keep up with the chat feature of the platform. Luckily, I was able to review the entire chat to make sure I can answer everything for you.
Here’s where you can find the most asked about items:
SLP like a boss mug (coming soon)
In case you missed the session, you can still see the recorded version until January 31, 2017 at SLP Summit. Here is a quick review of how to use each item.
Magic wand
Use as a reinforcer, to teach greetings and farewells. PS don’t let the students hold it or the magic will disappear.
Penpal program
This amazing program is the brainchild of Kim from Activity Taylor and Gabby from middle school speech. This year, my junior high functional skills class in Arizona is paired with a similar group of students in Oregon. With so many opportunities to pair language with a daily living type of activity, this program is a big hit! Learn more by emailing Kim:  kim.lewis@activitytailor.com
DLM core words
You can find them here. Also here’s an article with more details on how are use them.
Products for middle school and junior high
I developed these because I was really having a lot of trouble teaching prepositions to my students. These books combine teaching one concept with errorless learning and lots of repetition.
Sign language
I like using sign to reinforce the core vocabulary words. Also it seems like I usually have a student transfer that uses sign language. My friend Adrienne who is an SLP has a wonderful online sign language course. Use my affiliate link to learn more.
Cough drop AAC
I’m just trying this with a student now and so far I’m really impressed. I’ll be interviewing the owner for an upcoming article very soon. In the meantime,  Coughdrop AAC offers a two month free subscription for users. They also let SLPs use this app for free to evaluate students. Contact Scott at Coughdrop AAC for more details.
Core vocabulary
Teachers pay teachers has many core vocabulary products. Susan Berkowitz, Jenna Raeburn and Felice Clark have resources that you can check out. I’m working on a core board that I’ll be listing soon.
Have you tried implementing any of these ideas yet?  I would love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments below or send me an email at beautifulspeechlife@gmail.com
You’ve got this,

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