Creative Storage Solutions for TPT Products

Creative Storage Solutions for TPT Products



How to store all those wonderful Teachers Pay Teachers products? If you are anything like me you have probably acquired quite a few. Today I am joining SLPrunner’s Linky party sharing storage ideas for all those wonderful TPT products. I quickly found that a big ziplock bag is okay for one or two products, but they are hard to stack and really not all that attractive.

Poly zip envelope storage
So here is what I am doing now. I just bought these awesome Poly Zip envelopes from amazon. They are really handy because they are clear and have a zip top. The bands across the top come in different colors (love color coding) and they are firm enough to stand on a shelf. I got this idea from a post on The Dabbling Speechie. (Thank you)

Standing Clear Envelopes Clear Storage Env For more amazing ideas click on this link and see SLPrunner’s creative solutions.

Quick Tip Tuesday: Magnet hooks and Aleene’s Tack-It

Quick Tip Tuesday: Magnet hooks and Aleene’s Tack-It

quick Tip Tuesday

Here are two Tuesday Quick Tips, part of the School SLP’s Tuesday Linky Party (Thanks Kim Jarvis).

Magnet Hooks

Magnet hooks for SLPMagnet hooks file cabinet

I love using magnet hooks to keep me organized. With very limited space, I can use the sides of my file cabinets for my schedules and clipboards. That way they are super handy and in sight.

Aleene’s Tack It

Tack It

Maybe you already know about this but I just found it recently.  I read about Aleene’s Tack It glue on someone’s blog (thank you, thank you whoever you were, I am forever in your debt). It goes on wet like glue but dries tacky and makes a great alternative to velcro (which can be pricey) I used it this week for the first time on this awesome Let’s Answer Questions book.  (I really recommend this product as well, it’s on TPT from The Autism Helper)

There you go, two items that have made my life a little more organized, saved me time and money. I hope they do the same for you! For more Quick Tips go to School SLP Quick Tip Tuesday.

Quick tips to make the SLPs life easier

Quick tips to make the SLPs life easier

Today I am linking up with Kim Jarvis from theschoolslp for her Quick Tip Tuesday Linky Party.

quick Tip Tuesday

 Poker chips for Speech Therapy

I just got these cardboard trays from the cafeteria; they are what the individual peanut butter or jelly packets come in. I bought cheap poker chips at the dollar store. Each student gets a bag of poker chips and a tray. Everytime they correctly complete their turn ( articulation or whatever goal you are focusing on) they get a chip. If I feel like they are starting to get bored, I make the next turn a double chip turn (for twice the amount of work.  Whoever fills their tray first wins! And you win too for getting them to practice a skill 20 times while having fun.

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Using iPad Drawing Apps with Therapy Materials

Using iPad Drawing apps with therapy materials

It’s all about novelty. Kids love to be excited by something new. So I like to have a lot of different choices in my therapy bag of tricks.  Here is a great way to use some of your TeachersPayTeachers materials in conjunction with your iPad.

Let me show you how I recently used the Doodle Buddy app with some antonyms and synonyms worksheets from Nicole Allison’s awesome new product, Leveled Vocabulary Intervention.   Click here for a link to this incredible product. I have been using it for the last few weeks and it has quickly become a go-to vocabulary resource. Thanks Nicole!

After you make your purchase, open it on your iPad in Ibooks. Take screen shots (hold down main button and on/off button until you hear a click) of the worksheets you want to use.

Open the Doodle Buddy app.


Click on the tic-tac-toe icon.

C Choose photos. Go into your photos and choose the first worksheet you took a screenshot of.

D Now the fun begins. Tap the chalk icon and choose your drawing tool and color. For the example I chose glitter in red. Students use their finger to complete the worksheets. They love it! EH

Then when it is completed just shake the iPad to clear the screen. Magic!  Just click on the tic-tac-toe icon again to get another worksheet. Another really fun feature of Doodle Buddy is the stamp feature.  Click on that and a menu of stamps will appear. I chose the snowman for this example.


Students use their finger as a stamp to make the line. AND each stamp has fun audio, the holly jingles, the lips make a kissy noise. It’s really great fun! My students have been having a great time with it.


Doodly Buddy is FREE, yay, how great is that?! The Tic-Tac-Toe feature is really fun too.  I have been using it as a way to match pairs of opposites. I just write in the words quickly and let the kids use the stamping feature to match them.



Fun, motivating and easy! I hope you give it a try!

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