Quick Tip Tuesday: Delegation can be a Beautiful Thing

Quick Tip Tuesday: Delegation can be a Beautiful Thing

Okay this might not work for everyone but I want to tell you what I did recently that brought a big improvement to my energy level and my outlook.  Like all of you, many days I feel like I am pulled in so many different directions. I want to do it all, be it all AND I want to have a clean house while I do it.  I’ve dreamed about hiring someone to clean my house for years but always have a million excuses for why it won’t work (cost being at the top of the list). Many of the motivational and business books I’ve been reading lately talk about the importance of delegating and paying others to do tasks that you are not that good at (or that you don’t enjoy).  I thought … you know, I don’t buy Starbucks everyday anymore and I pack my own lunch.  Hmmm, maybe I can afford this investment in my self. So last week, I took the plunge, hired a wonderful woman and I came home on Friday to a clean house. Such an amazing way to start the weekend! My time was free to enjoy the days and to create some new Teachers Pay Teachers products, which just made me so happy.
This “tip” is part of Kim Jarvis’ Quick Tip Tuesday.  Click here to head over to her blog and get some more great time-saving ideas!quick Tip Tuesday
Quick Tip Tuesday: Cheap Prizes!

Quick Tip Tuesday: Cheap Prizes!

quick Tip Tuesday
 Here is this Tuesday Quick Tips, part of the School SLP’s Tuesday Linky Party (Thanks Kim Jarvis). Be sure to click on the button above to find more amazing quick ideas!
I use a sticker incentive chart for good behavior and the kids love it. I use the Whole Brain Teaching Rules, which are amazing!  I got this free download at TPT. So basically if they follow the rules during their session, they get a sticker for the chart. For every five stickers they get a prize and they get really motivated by this.  Lately, my prizes have been getting a little boring; the kids can only get so excited about pencils or erasers. But, I don’t like to spend much on the prizes because I have a BIG caseload (usually 60-80 students, K-8). My awesome niece and Saturday assistant Liz, found 2 packages of Angry Bird puzzle erasers at the dollar store and the were a HIT!
We will keep searching dollar stores for them but in the meantime I found some online at good old Amazon. For your convenience here is a link: Angry Birds Puzzle Erasers.
Since I am addicted to Amazon Prime, there was no shipping and I got these within a few days. They come 3 to a package, but I am taking them out of the packets and putting them in the prize jar. That way each prize is under 50 cents a piece. Magic!
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Quick Tip for Paperwork

Quick Tip for Paperwork

Here is the Tuesday’s tip to go with Kim Jarvis’s quick Tip Tuesday

Quick Tip Tuesday Linky Party.


When I am finished scoring a student’s testing protocols, I grab an my evaluation results sheet,  a goal sheet for the teacher and a (I like this one by Kim Shepard on TPT) data collection sheet.  I place them all with the protocols. That way, when I am writing up the evaluation and the IEP they are all together and easy for me to complete.


I am a big fan of Evernote for storing my drafts and templates. Never using the students birthday or last name keeps everything confidential. I just write a new note for each task, making notebooks by school year.  Another big plus is that Evernote syncs with all your devices.  If you haven’t tried it, I really recommend you have a look.  It’s FREE.


I hope you can use these tips to make your workday a little easier! Or maybe to spark another great idea. Keep doing what you do to make the world a little brighter.

Quick Tip Tuesday: Magnet hooks and Aleene’s Tack-It

Quick Tip Tuesday: Magnet hooks and Aleene’s Tack-It

quick Tip Tuesday

Here are two Tuesday Quick Tips, part of the School SLP’s Tuesday Linky Party (Thanks Kim Jarvis).

Magnet Hooks

Magnet hooks for SLPMagnet hooks file cabinet

I love using magnet hooks to keep me organized. With very limited space, I can use the sides of my file cabinets for my schedules and clipboards. That way they are super handy and in sight.

Aleene’s Tack It

Tack It

Maybe you already know about this but I just found it recently.  I read about Aleene’s Tack It glue on someone’s blog (thank you, thank you whoever you were, I am forever in your debt). It goes on wet like glue but dries tacky and makes a great alternative to velcro (which can be pricey) I used it this week for the first time on this awesome Let’s Answer Questions book.  (I really recommend this product as well, it’s on TPT from The Autism Helper)

There you go, two items that have made my life a little more organized, saved me time and money. I hope they do the same for you! For more Quick Tips go to School SLP Quick Tip Tuesday.

Quick tips to make the SLPs life easier

Quick tips to make the SLPs life easier

Today I am linking up with Kim Jarvis from theschoolslp for her Quick Tip Tuesday Linky Party.

quick Tip Tuesday

 Poker chips for Speech Therapy

I just got these cardboard trays from the cafeteria; they are what the individual peanut butter or jelly packets come in. I bought cheap poker chips at the dollar store. Each student gets a bag of poker chips and a tray. Everytime they correctly complete their turn ( articulation or whatever goal you are focusing on) they get a chip. If I feel like they are starting to get bored, I make the next turn a double chip turn (for twice the amount of work.  Whoever fills their tray first wins! And you win too for getting them to practice a skill 20 times while having fun.

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