Welcome! I’m Anne Page MS, CCC-SLP, an ASHA certified speech language pathologist. I started Beautiful Speech Life to share my love of speech pathology and education. My goal is to help make your therapy sessions fun for your students and to get results for you. . Providing products, inspiration and tips to free up your time for what you love to do (make a difference) is the mission of Beautiful Speech Life. As a school-based speech language pathologist (SLP), I know firsthand the joys and frustrations of juggling paperwork and providing effective evidence based therapy..

After starting as an art student, I switched gears and  received my Bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology/Audiology from Northern Arizona University and completed my master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology from Nova Southeastern University. By combining the artist and the SLP, I work hard to  create colorful, engaging products that are linked to evidence based practice.

As speech language pathologists, we hold the key to helping children build  communication skills to their full potential. Like you, I am proud to be a part of this profession. Sign up now to join me in this journey. I will share what I learn along the way,a monthly free product and let you know first about new products.


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